Environmental liability provisioning in the South African mining industry is a requirement of the MPRDA and must be agreed with the relevant regulatory authorities (mainly DME and DWAF).Ingwe Minerals Processing ensures full compliances with all environmental laws

  • National Environmental Management Act (107 of 1998) is regulated by the Department of Environmental Agriculture and Tourism (“DEAT”).
  • Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act (“MPRDA”) as regulated by the Department of Minerals and Energy (“DME”).
  • Mine Health and Safety Act (Act 29 of 1996) as regulated by the DME.
  • National Water Act (36 of 1998) (“NWA”) as regulated by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (“DWAF”)..
  • Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act (45 of 1965) (“APPA”) as regulated by DEAT.
  • Environment Conservation Act (73 of 1989) (“ECA”) as regulated by the DEAT, DWAF and relevant provincial departments.
  • National Heritage Resources Act (25 of 1999) as regulated by South African Heritage Resource Agency or Provincial Authorities.
  • Hazardous Substances Act (15 of 1973) as regulated by the Department of Health. ECA, Forest Act (84 of 1998), Provincial Nature Conservation Acts and other Ordinances as regulated by Provincial conservation authorities..
  • National Nuclear Regulator Act (46 of 1999) as regulated by the National Nuclear Regulator (“NNR”).

Socio-Economic Contribution

As part of Ingwe Mineral Processing’s community development projects, Ingwe strives to make positive contribution in the lives of the local community members. The main focus will be to assess community needs according to priority list and contribute as such.

Safety & Quality

Employees’ safety and wellness forms the cornerstone of Ingwe Mineral Processing principles and ensures full compliance with all international safety and quality standards.


As part of Ingwe Mineral Processing quality commitment is to improve operational performance focuses on identifying the root cause of quality issues, implementing corrective measures to prevent recurrence and measuring performance to have a better understand on areas of concerns and implement continual improvement systems. Another core values in our quality commitments is based on working together as a team and maintaining high ethical standards.

Ingwe Mineral Processing views safety as a value that is incorporated into every facet of the company’s operation. As a result of this effort, the company is able to demonstrate continual statistical improvement. Ingwe mineral Processing measures effectiveness of its integrated SHEQ Management System through regular site Safety audits and Quality audits. Management participates with employees in site SHEQ audits and SHEQ meetings; during these processes, employees have the opportunity to provide direct feedback on continual improvement initiatives.

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